Individual Therapy

Basically there are two types of individual therapy–psychodynamic psychotherapy and cognitive therapy.

Psychodynamic therapy is a compassionate and deep exploration of problems and issues affecting your life. Focus is on understanding patterns and history of behavior in your family and present relationships, developing insights into dynamics of your personality and gaining more awareness in your present life.

Cognitive therapy is more concrete. Specific plans of actions are explored and methods to change behavior are learned. Some techniques include relaxation exercises, positive thinking practices, journaling and assertiveness training. A combination of both psychodynamic psychotherapy and cognitive therapy can be used.

What to expect during your first therapy / counseling session

During the first therapy session you can expect to find an experienced, certified and well trained therapist who will provide a supportive and safe setting. All sessions are absolutely confidential. While listening carefully I will also make suggestions as soon as appropriate to increase awareness. Most clients experience a reduction in anxiety and stress after the first therapy session.

What to expect from subsequent therapy sessions

  • Feeling hopeful about the future
  • Regaining a sense of control and pleasure in your life
  • Increasing feelings of self worth
  • Improving your ability to focus and concentrate
  • Deepening understanding of troubling relationships
  • Lessening of stress and fears
  • Reaching a fuller potential to cope with life problems

I can help you with a wide range of issues, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mourning
  • Illness
  • Sex addiction
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Straight/Gay relationship counseling
  • Communication skills

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