Group Therapy

Many personal problems are really interpersonal in nature. Very often they stem from our relationships with others or from personal patterns of relating. Group Therapy offers the rare opportunity to explore and understand how you relate to others in a safe setting and also get specific feedback from others on how they experience you. You will be with persons who share similar issues. The group environment will help you practice and build social skills and enhance self confidence.

In Group Therapy anywhere from 3 to 8 people meet face-to-face with a trained therapist present. Members talk about problems relationships or personal issues including trust, anger, shyness, grief, taking risks, authority concerns, intimacy and separation.

What to expect during your first session

In your first session you can expect a safe, comfortable, supportive and confidential setting. There is an opportunity for you to share or just listen. You do not have to share if you do not want to. You will observe others with similar concerns developing skills in effective communication techniques and confidence in social settings. You will learn how others are dealing with problems like yours and explore different perspectives, ideas, viewpoints and facts relating to your problems.

What to expect from subsequent sessions

  • Concrete factual information from other group members with the same issues you are concerned about
  • Relief from emotional distress through the process of interacting with others
  • Improved interpersonal and coping skills
  • A sense of shared experience with others that lessens anxiety, fears and feelings of isolation
  • Experience practicing in a safe environment new communication techniques and self confidence
  • Improved ability to speak your own voice

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