Couples or Relationship Therapy with an Experienced Therapist

Couples or Relationship Therapy for both straight and gay persons can be an extremely powerful tool in changing relationship behaviors that are problematic.  Here are some goals I can help you achieve in couples therapy:

  1. Using new concrete strategies to change and resolve problems in the relationship
  2. Having open discussions of issues
  3. Increasing awareness of how certain repetitive behaviors create problems and what their consequences and costs are
  4. How to address any addiction issues in the relationship
  5. Improving communication between the parties

And here is what I will do in the sessions as a couples or relationship therapist:

  1.  I will be active is structuring the session to provide information, safety and empowerment to each partner.
  2. I will offer specific strategies for change and coach you on how to use them.
  3. I will not take sides.
  4. I will help you understand some of the family history for certain behaviors but the focus of therapy will be on present problems and solutions in the relationship.
  5. I will help you improve communication so that persons in the relationship do not interrupt, constantly blame or speak for the other person.

The overarching goal here is to change certain behaviors to empower each partner, helping each person have a voice and improving emotional wellbeing.

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